Handsome Minister

Handsome Minister !!.


Let’s get “JackCrazy”



* He was born in 1964, two years before the start of China’s cultural revolution in Hangzhou.

* He did poorly in maths as a student.

* Starting at age 12, he awoke at 5 am to walk or bicycle to Hangzhou’s main hotel so he could practice his English with foreign tourists and acted as a free tour guide to many. Of those experiences he said; “I realised what they told me was quite different from (the communist propaganda) I learned in school.

* He failed his college entrance exam not once, but twice – and at his third attempt, he entered what he called “Hangzhou’s worst college.”

* Graduating in 1988, he taught English at a local college for five years, earning $12 month.

* During that time, he also applied for a job at a local KFC, but was rejected.

* He also applied for a job at a local hotel but was rejected.

* He applied for a job with the city police, but at just over 5ft tall, he was rejected as well.

* He confesses he knows very little about computers beyond sending and receiving emails.

* In 1999 he started an online business in his Hangzhou flat, with 17 friends and $60,000 of funds.

* His nickname is “Crazy Jack” due to his outlandish ideas.

* That business is now know as Alibaba, which is valued at $247.24 billion following it debut on the New York Stock Exchange.

* His 9% stake of Alibaba is valued at nearly US$21bn – making him China’s richest man.

His name is Jack Ma – the $21 billion dollar man.

Jack Ma’s story should be told in every school. It’s not only a story of persistence, but it’s an important economic story.

It’s reminds us that the future jobs in our economy and our future prosperity does not lie in hands of government bureaucrats with their central planning.

Jack Ma’s story teaches us the importance of an entrepreneurial culture, and an economic system that provides encouragement and opportunity for small business people to take risks and experiment with new ideas.

And it reminds us that to achieve the innovation and productivity improvements needed to drive our future prosperity (exactly as it has in the past) we need countless independent entrepreneurs out there in each market – the “Crazy Jacks” willing to take risks, experimenting and testing new ideas – for amongst the multitude of these often confused and conflicting entrepreneurial judgments – a few will strike gold.

Love on Fire


She is dancing on fire , enjoying the hell , in love with a devil .

Drugged, on the edge of an overdose.

She loved him, she loves him to a point she thinks her best job in life to be in love with him.

She misses him, How could he gone away? How could he leave her side? How could he let her heart turn to aches burning with the eternal fire of missing him?

She was sure he loved and still in love with her, but could never understood his mess, She loved it but drowned in the deep ocean of his thoughts and never could rearrange them.

Again in her life, She could feel her heart again, she could breathe , she could feel the pain of the fire around.

Life goes around her, she tries to participate, she goes through it all but what she is really doing is to wait.

She messes up to keep her sanity but missing him that much drives her insane, out of the world she used to live .

She only tries but only time can answer if  she will burn forever in Hell…

La Misérable


She is all alone, walking through the rain; she is all alone, nobody can see her pain.

Walking with heavy steps, barely moving. Trying to stand, but she stands all alone.

Waves fold by her, Showers of white and grey.

Affection, confusion, lust, anger, self betrayal, sorrow.

She stands alone, detached by a barrier , a shield , her own fear.

She lose people dear to her  ,she failed,  she was hurt, but again she did not shed a tear.

She stood firm like the bond of sun and moon for billions of years,

year by year for eons together, no shift of a degree , no change of rules.

She saw horrors of fall, she was driven to the bottoms of limbo,

burned her soul by Stygian fires, but diverted not an inch from chosen course.

That’s her, She knows how to stand alone,

always rising from the hearth in blazing white, pure as sterling gold glorified  by fire.

Though defenseless, she stuck with grace to decrees of own honest soul,

She threw away life to wild wolves, but no way, her walk on course deterred,

She walked alone through the ruins around, living on hopes of reaching anywhere;

Her devotion, selfless resolve, her led to walk her course on the demolished path.

No pain or suffering or grief, her grave crash of past or horror of future

Wagged her not in navigating the void; for, nothing she valued more than her goal,

That laid waste on ground in front of her eyes, and nothing bothered her, but to live till dies;

Aplenty of beckons were calling her to quit, and rejoin their fold to rebuild her life;

She scoffed them all, walked the path. She lives in her ash, rebuilding lost bond.

Golden is her soul, diamond is her strength;

Kaleidoscopic glitters of colorific glow as glamorous  halo adorns her around

Her strength, a light deep in her soul, a guiding spirit, leads her across lives

From the inception of age to its very end; till time-space exists,nothing bothers her, but to live till she dies.

Poll : Death




We all know death is a normal part of life, everyone of us said already or will say goodbye to someone he loved, lived with, accompanied… But when we think about it, all other problems that occupy our mind all day and night in our busy life would disappear or at least seem negligible if not ridiculous and meaningless.

When we loose or at least think about loosing someone that shared with us moments, days or years of life, we would find a room for what really matters and what should take most of our time and thoughts. 

Recently in my country Lebanon we experienced some random death situations with bombs and explosions. And the randomness of this chaotic situation just reflected a very organized rearrangement of my ideas. Out of this disorder everything seemed to fall into place in my mind .

If we all think of this for once a day, of our loved ones death situation, everything that seems to matter in our busy schedule will be replaced by what really matters in our life, and what we won’t regret doing everyday such as  letting whom we love how much we appreciate that we have them in our life, and being thankful for we still have the chance to make things happen, to change.

We should all know before it is too late the Lively meaning of Death.

Dew Drops


See how the drop of the dew
Shed from the bosom of the morn
Careless of what is paid, what is due
Crystal clear like a new-born

Round in itself enclosed
Perfectly framed slightly touching where it lies
Afraid of being exposed
Gazing back upon the skies

Far from the sun yet so near
Shining with a mournful light
Like its own tear
Holding on itself so tight

Restless it rolls and insecure
Until the sun pity its pain
Shuddering it grows impure
Till the heaven takes it back again

Shy on the blossoms, shuns the leaves green
Recollecting itself in its pure circling thoughts
Evading in the light afraid of being seen
Free from duties, free from oughts’

That drop, that soul, that ray
In a sheepish figure seems wound
Every way it turns away
Excluding the world the way round

Loose, easy, ready to go
Dark beneath,Vivid above
Rolling but on a point below
Scorn here, there in Love

Iced on earth, Melt it does the run
Into the glories of the almighty sun.